Rome, Città del Sole Complex, Inpgi-Hines Fund
Rome, Città del Sole Complex, Inpgi-Hines Fund

Sustainability: a valuable choice

Investire's commitment

We were among the first SGRs to focus on sustainability and to start integrating ESG themes in our investment and business management policies. We achieved this through an approach based on constructive dialogue and mindful choices, essential elements in helping our clients invest consciously and achieve their return objectives.

Our Approach to sustainability: guidelines and ESG

Our strategy focuses on a sustainable and responsible model, increasingly integrated with ESG elements, and based on guidelines that value respect for the environment (ENVIRONMENT) society and future generations (SOCIAL) and inclusion (GOVERNANCE).


Of the effects of investments on sustainability


Of leadership in sustainable investments with social impact


Of ESG elements in the risk management model


Of all the parties involved in the pursuit of ESG objectives

Milan, Via Lauria 12, PRS Fund
Milan, Via Lauria 12, PRS Fund


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by adopting technological solutions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from property operations and designing buildings with high energy and environmental efficiency.

For both development and property management activities, we refer to the best environmental and social practices also promoted by international standards such as LEED, BREEAM, and WELL certifications.



As a leader in Social Housing, for more than 10 years we have been implementing development projects that combine economic and environmental sustainability with the protection of the social context of the framework in which we operate. The positive impact of our activities in this area is considerable: thanks to our Social Housing funds, located in different Italian regions, each year households save about 25 million euros in rent (savings compared to free market rents). In the city of Milan alone, where the rental market has become difficult for the middle classes to access, we estimate about 10.5 million in annual savings.

  Social Housing funds

to each initiative the social rating promoted by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is applied

~ 10.000 tenants

in Social Housing funds

1 fund

dedicated to nursing homes - over 2600 beds

25 million Euros

saved by families each year

1 student

housing fund



We safeguard people's well-being and promote a stimulating and safe working environment where we foster opportunities for professional and human development. This goal is also pursued by maintaining strong internal cohesion, built through listening and dialogue, strengthened by sharing ethical values and a long-term vision to create value for all our stakeholders.

We also strive for the well-being of our employees through our diversity and inclusion policy. This policy considers diversity in the company as indispensable in an inclusive work environment aimed at collaboration and discussion.

Our People

Employees by gender 131
Women 67
Men 64


Employees by age group 131
<30 years old 12
between 30 and 50 years 93
>50 years old 26


Employees by rank   131
Executives   19
of which women   7
Middle managers   62
of which women   27
Office workers   50
of which women   32

*Data from 2022

ESG training

over 200



average total hours of training