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Investing in people to build the future

The InvestiRE Master Class was born in 2019 as a division of the Finnat Academy from an educational project idea of some InvestiRE managers. The intent is to create a premium corporate training structure composed of professionals from within the Group, assisted by external contributors from leading figures from the academic, banking and financial sectors.

Investire Master Class... building our future manager

The goal of the project is to make solid know-how available to the Group's clients and employees, offering finance & investment training specific to the Real Estate sector and curated by a leading company in the field.

Investire's Master Class is dedicated to Architect Anna Pasquali, Top Manager of the Sgr and undisputed standout in the Italian Real Estate sector, whose passion, dedication and great professional and human commitment to Real Estate we wish to remember, with the hope that she may be an inspiration to all aspiring managers, in the full conviction that these values are a founding element of the Group.

Dr Stefano Deleo, head of the company's Corporate Finance and Planning area, is the director of the Investire Master Class.

Investire Master Class

The Educational method

Thanks to an innovative educational method called IMCD, the Investire Master Class builds training paths that expand and complete the skills needed to successfully manage Real Estate investments and assets.

A training course to transfer excellence and expertise

The program is aimed at cross-transferring the best skills, identifying talents in the company, and building to the maximum professionalization of real estate managers.

The IMCD educational method is tailored to develop the strengths of individuals through teamwork, exchanging ideas, and practical exercises, providing complete business awareness regardless of the business sector they belong to.




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Membership e ASFOR accreditation 

Investire is an ordinary member of ASFOR (Italian Association for Managerial Training), the most reputable Association that combines the most important Italian managerial training institutions.

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Being part of ASFOR means guaranteeing the reliability of all training projects developed for our collaborators and partners and is synonymous with quality, professionalism and high-quality standards.

The diploma issued by the Academy is ASFOR accredited. Attainment of the diploma will grant the qualification of Real Estate Investment Manager. Investire's Academy is the first organization in Italy that grants the qualification of "Investment Manager" in Real Estate to participants, which is accredited and certified by ASFOR, the result of a specialized and qualifying training course in compliance with the high standards of the certifying body.

Investire Master Class
Academy Master
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2024 Edition

The 2024 Advanced Executive Program course provides the skills needed for Real Estate investment management by addressing all typical issues and topics in the field.


The methodology includes a training course divided into modules, each of which will address, by subject area, the topics that typically fall under the management of a Real Estate investment. Planned theoretical sessions alternate with practical case-solving sessions

Target audience

The course includes 18 participants, 4 coaches and 4 finance managers, structured in a part-time formula for a total of 9 weekends.

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Past editions

2023 Edition

The Master in a clip

Interviews of key players in the Master Plan

The winner of the Master Plan
arch. Paolo Asti

The President of Order of Architects of  Milan 
Federico Aldini 

The  Director of Investire sgr
 Domenico Bilotta


The President of Banca Finnat
 Arturo Nattino






2022 Edition

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, The QI Daily RE devoted its front page to our President Arturo Nattino and the value InvestiRE places on the importance of sharing know-how and expertise between managers and institutional investors.

As a patron and media partner of our InvestiRE Academy, the QI devoted an extensive feature to this project, which this year featured the launch of the Experimental R&D Lab that studied the unexpressed potential of the capital city of Rome with the study of the urban regeneration of the Scalo San Lorenzo Tiburtino.
Dr. Francesca Del Bello, President of the 2nd Municipality of Roma Capitale, was present at the presentation of the 4 Masterplans as a Municipality interested in the development and revitalization potential of its territory.

The Lab was designed by InvestiRE Academy in collaboration with Fortebis, GLA, Boedil Progetti and Polis Ingegneria.

Polis Ingegneria emerged as the winner of the ideas competition. In the complex choice that the evaluating commission had to make, the committee recognized all 4 Masterplans were developed at a very high level and deemed it necessary to assign each one a specific mention for the high quality of the work done, for the technical and technological solutions devised, for the architectural style for the development of 4 "feasible" and absolutely innovative Masterplans.

An advanced training course dedicated to our investors and to the expansion of the know-how of our managers, which confers them with tools and methodologies for a careful and conscious evaluation of Real Estate investments as a whole.

The Master in one clip

Interviews of key players in the Master Plan

The President of the II Municipality of Rome
Dr. Francesca Del Bello

The winner of the Master Plan
Engineer Gennaro Farina

The director of Investire sgr
Dr. Domenico Bilotta

The President of Banca Finnat
Dr. Arturo Nattino

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Master's Closing Event and Awards Ceremony