Milan, Via Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi 9, Ca' Granda Fund
Milan, Via Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi 9, Ca' Granda Fund

Ca' Granda

The Ca' Granda Fund is dedicated to the realization and management of social housing, combining profitability and social-ethical goals.
The fund manages the real estate portfolio brought by the Milan General Hospital (Policlinico di Milano) in 2014, initially consisting of 65 properties-units with significant historical value and high redevelopment potential, located mainly in the city center of Milan. The fund's strategy involves both the redevelopment of the real estate assets with a medium- to long-term vision to finance the construction of the new wards of the Hospital, and the structuring of a major Social project, aimed at offering the community 700 housing units approximately with Social Housing rates in properties located in the center-semicenter of Milan with positive impacts in terms of redevelopment of the urban and social composition.

Starting period 2014
Ending period 2034
Main country Lombardy
Risk profile Value Added & core
Investor type Institutional

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