Commercial & retail

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Commercial & retail
Product drivers
  • Product mainly intended for institutional investors with a capital protection aim and a risk/reward profile oriented towards stable and recurrent returns.
  • Tailor-made product designed for institutional investors.
  • Consolidated (Strengthened) experience in public offices purchasing, managing, regularising and selling activities;

Key strategic features of RE funds focused on the commercial and office sector. 

  • Low volatility and non-speculative asset allocation profile; high quality buildings.
  • Focus on recurring profit and capital protection.
  • Portfolio with a prevailing allocation on Core assets destined for office use. Diversification on high street commercial assets and selected Core Plus investments.
  • Portfolio diversification (in terms of buildings and tenants) and risk management are the key factor of Fund management.
  • Investment strategy aimed to the optimization of the institutional investor portfolio.

Portfolio geographic distribution 
Main cities

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