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Investire has a substantial track record in managing residential portfolios, with consolidated expertise in both long-term rentals and fractionated sale; Today Investire manages 2,775 residential units in the main Italian cities for about €925 million in value, with a significant portion of the assets located in Rome and Milan.

Investire has developed significant capabilities and know-how in managing residential assets.  Investire’s key success factors in this market segment include:

  • Careful social responsibility management in the areas where Investire operates.
  • Ability to establish and manage long term relations with the tenants’  Unions 
  • Thorough understanding of main markets as well as local micro-markets, having executed transactions on the whole Italian territory, with the support of an established network of local advisors and agents.
  • Value enhancing asset management activities, including improvements in energy efficiency of buildings and targeted measures to adapt the residential units to the requirements of final users in terms of layout and services offered.
  • Considerable experience in managing fractionated sales and coordinating the various parties involved 
  • Strong analytical capabilities, promptness and pragmatism in due diligence phase. 

Geographical breakdown of mainly residential Buildings 

Registered at n. 50 of Bank of Italy's register – Corporate capital Euro 14.770.000 fully paid – Companies' Register of Rome Fiscal Code and VAT number 06931761008 A company subject to direction and coordination of Banca Finnat Euramerica SpA
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