Distressed & Non Performing assets

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Distressed & Non Performing assets
In order to meet the increasing demand from leasing companies and credit institutions, Investire SGR has established institutional Funds dedicated to distressed and non-performing assets. Investire is now one of the few asset management companies in Italy operating in the Distressed Assets RE sector.
The distressed assets business line is focused on the active management of real-estate portfolios resulting from cancelled leasing contracts or non-performing loans (NPL). Investire, with the support of specialized platforms and partners and with a strong involvement of the SGR in all the management phases, delivers efficient asset management solutions to its clients. To this end, InvestiRE boasts  a unique know-how and consolidated professional skills  in the sector, together with the expertise of its partners, selected over the years for efficient and high-performance RE management. 

Key strategic features of  Investire’s Distressed Assets RE Funds:
  • Distressed Assets funds are typically closed-end real-estate investment funds, reserved to institutional investors (mainly real-estate leasing companies and credit institutes).
  • Investire’s Distressed Assets funds offer consolidated working methodologies and flexible cooperation models to banks and leasing companies, aimed at optimizing the use of internal resources and information systems for the unitholders.
  • A dedicated organization with specific professional skills and consolidated product expertise, capable of managing  all technical and administrative aspects of the transaction and to promptly market the buildings, leveraging an established network of agents and brokers throughout the Italian territory
  • An integrated asset management platform with expertise along the entire value chain: from loan management to repossession, repositioning and sale of the asset.
Breakdown of portfolio by assignment
Geographic distribution of portfolio

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