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Social Housing
Investire is the first Italian asset management company to have launched  ethical real-estate funds dedicated to Social Housing. Today, with 11 active funds, Investire is the main national player in the Social Housing sector.
Investire’s  "Development & Social Housing" Business Unit, with the support of specialized staff (project and asset management) coordinated by the fund management, is responsible for:
(i) Instituting and structuring the Fund within the established time frames and the execution of all activities and procedures required to draw down FIA’s capital commitments
(ii) the implementation of the project and all the related real-estate and community management activities.

Investire has developed significant capabilities and know-how in managing social housing projects. Investire success factors in this market segment include:

  • Managing real-estate projects with the aim of increasing the offer of social housing, combining, for the benefit of institutional investors, social contents and profitability: Investire social housing project are structured pursuing not only financial interest but also ethic/social  objectives. With the participation of public and private entities social housing funds aim at enhancing and increasing the supply of houses available for rent, contributing to face the current shortage of affordable housing. 
  • Carrying out targeted actions  aimed at resolving the housing problem of families and individuals in the "Social Housing" sector, defined as both the housing facilities and the complementary social activities.
  • Cooperating with primary partners in the non-profit sector and with the Public Administration.
  • Promoting social advancement and assistance programs by appointing a community-oriented management team for the buildings, formed for the most part by tenants.
  • Developing subsidized housing projects with the support local government entities.
  • Creating, for each fund, a balanced asset allocation between income-producing rented residential buildings, renovation/redevelopment projects and new developments.

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