Investire’s Commitment
Investire’s Commitment

Climate change, accentuated by the effects of a global pandemic without precedence, have transformed the priorities of risks connected to investments. The sustainability factors of ESG – Environment, Social & Governance – have already become an unavoidable factor for private companies, investors, and stakeholders.

Governments all around the world have over the last few years made important steps to reach global agreements without precedent, such as the Paris Accords, which will be able to radically change investment policies, pushing for a transformation towards a sustainable economy compatible with the environment, promoting and sustaining a “right transition” towards economic support of those sectors most affected by this gradual transformation.

The European Union, besides having approved an important Multiyear Financial Plan in support of the “green deal”, has decided to use itself as a driving force in this direction. It has for the first time chosen to enter the financial markets, and using its excellent rating, in activating the lever of community debt, it has significantly amplified the capacity for investments in its plan for 2021-2027.

Consequently, the regulatory institutions have also moved in this direction, concentrating on climate risks to the global financial system.

Climate risks are therefore already considered “the risk” of investments, and a correct climate transition represents for investors and asset managers a change in the culture of creating value in the future.

Investire is sensitive on environmental and social themes, as well as those of transparency and governance. Concerning this it initiated in September 2020 a journey to innovate and orient its own policies, in its capacity as asset manager, with the objective to offer to the market a qualified expertise for the management of Real Estate products across all asset classes which intend to invest on ESG factors. Investire evaluates together with its investors the risks to sustainability, the main negative effects, and the impacts these will have on policies connected to climate in specific.

In reference to the EU Regulation 2019/2088, in its Disclosure declaration made available here on its website, as the present day Investire adopts the approach “explain” on all the funds it manages.

Investire is a leader in the sector of investments in social housing, senior living, assisted living residences and student housing. In fact, to date it has promoted and launched 12 mutual investment funds, reserved for institutional investors intending to invest nearly exclusively in this asset class, and representing a significant and strategic share of its own assets under management.

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