Fondo Ca' Granda

Cà Granda fund, established in 2014 with a duration of 20 years, is a closed-end real estate fund, reserved to qualified investors, set up with the contribution of the real estate heritage of Milan General Hospital (Policlinico di Milano).

The fund portfolio is composed of sbout 1,400 units, of which 75% residential, 15% office and 10% retail, distributed over 65 buildings, of which 44 top-to-floor, for a total gross surface in excess of 110,000 sqm.

Milan General Hospital real estate heritage has an historical high worth since the whole portfolio is located in Milan city center and the majority of the assets have been built before 1900 with interesting value added potential from an architectural point of view

The fund is refurbishing the real estate portfolio with a medium-long term strategy aiming at (i) dispose the non-residential and part of the residential units and (ii) transforming in social housing the remaining portion of residential units.

InvestiRE is also actively managing the real estate portfolio acting as coordinator for the mobility management of the actual tenants in order to rationalize the occupancy of the buildings and execute the best value added options.

Registered at n. 50 of Bank of Italy's register – Corporate capital Euro 14.770.000 fully paid – Companies' Register of Rome Fiscal Code and VAT number 06931761008 A company subject to direction and coordination of Banca Finnat Euramerica SpA
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