Fondo FHT

The FHT fund is a closed-end real-estate fund established in 2012 with a duration of 24 years,  reserved for qualified investors.  

The Fund purpose is to carry out housing undertakings in the field of "social housing" in the Tuscan Region area (mainly Prato and Florence) and to promote the formation of a housing and social context within which it is not only possible to obtain a suitable dwelling but also to have access to rich and significant human relations..

The Fund portfolio consists of 11 properties, 9 already built and rented (330 dwellings) and 2 pieces of building land (i.e. additional 157 dwellings once the development will be completed). 

FHT has been promoted by some leading Tuscan operators (Affitto Firenze, Abitcoop and Cooperativa Amicizia), CDPI SGR (on behalf of Fondo Investire per l'Abitare), and Unipol Assicurazioni SpA.

Registered at n. 50 of Bank of Italy's register – Corporate capital Euro 14.770.000 fully paid – Companies' Register of Rome Fiscal Code and VAT number 06931761008 A company subject to direction and coordination of Banca Finnat Euramerica SpA - Privacy Policy - Cookie Policy
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